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Our story

Built for students, by industry experts

Since our start in 2016, we have attracted & helped hundreds of students around the world achieve their academic and career aspirations abroad.


Students abroad

+10 000

Available courses



Our mission

Make the study abroad journey more valuable

Our mission is to simplify the study abroad journey. Our students will be empowered to focus on only what’s important and valuable for their near and far future.

Our vision

Better education for a better future

The best education abroad opens unlimited doors and opportunities for students worldwide to follow their dreams and aspirations.

Get to know the team

Study Abroad Global is a youthful multidisciplinary team. With +40 ambitious members around the world, the SAG team is growing every day.

Ilyes Saidane

Ilyes Saidane

CEO & Founder

Rafik Raiah

Rafik Raiah

Expansion director

Abdeldjabar Dahmani

Abdeldjabar Dahmani


Abdallah Talhi

Abdallah Talhi

Operations Manager

Our partners

Meet our partners

Our mission is to ensure a valuable and smooth study abroad experience for all students worldwide

Join us as we break new ground in our industry

We are leveraging the power of technology to match international students with universities that fit their academic and career ambitions. We are always looking for new partners to widen the range of opportunities for international students!

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