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United Kingdom

Study in the United Kingdom

Key Details

Student Satisfaction

Rate of 83.6%

Graduate Employability

Rate of 87.3%


Ranked 2nd

Teaching Quality

Ranked 2nd

Student Satisfaction

Rate of 83.6%

Graduate Employability

Rate of 87.3%


Ranked 2nd

Teaching Quality

Ranked 2nd

Top Universities

The United Kingdom is home to many well-ranked and renowned universities in the world.

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Whether you're seeking a dream university or a prestigious institution, our search tool allows you to search and filter hundreds of universities. Begin your journey today and find the perfect university.

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Tuition fees depend on the course, duration and other factors. Universities update their tuition fees each year.



Linguistics and Languages

24070£ - 24430£


22900£ - 28500£

Computer Sciences

22500£ - 25000£





Mechanical Engineering


Living expenses

The cost of living will depend largely on the city you choose. Glasgow, for example, is much more affordable than London. This budget is therefore approximate.

Cost breakdown per month







Cinema & Fitness


Most universities take into consideration the academic and linguistic qualifications of students to assess their ability to do well in college. However, these requirements might change depending on the program and the student’s profile. Other requirements might be requested like a CV, portfolio, Work experience and others.


Academic requirements differ from one course to another. It depends on the country where your degree was obtained. For precise and up-to-date requirements, please Contact us., please contact us.


The language requirement depends on the exams the university accepts. The duration of the program can play a role too.


There are plenty of courses to choose from in the United Kingdom. A wide range of subjects is taught in most universities.

Popular Courses

However, some courses are more popular and in more demand than others.


Marketing Analyst Business Analyst

Computer Science

Software Developer Network Engineer

Biological Sciences

Biologist Lab Technician


Pharmacist Pharmaceutical Representative

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If you have a dream course you want to pursue, use our search tool to browse thousands of courses to find your best match.

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Visa & travel

You must have a student visa to study in the United Kingdom. Your program of study and the type of institution you plan to attend will determine the type of visa you will need.

How do we help you?

Our services don’t stop at academic orientation and university application. We help our students with all their administrative and travel procedures including:

  • Documents preparation
  • Visa application
  • Travel arrangements

Frequently asked questions

What destinations are available for international studies?

We offer several universities and schools in the following English-speaking countries: the UK, USA, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand.

Is the English language test mandatory for university admission?

The language test is a requirement, as we use it to determine your level of English. It is, however, possible to secure university admission before taking the test.

Who are your partner universities?

We partner with more than 400 world-renowned universities such as Lancaster University, the University of Sydney, the University of Strathclyde, and several more.

What kind of courses do your universities and colleges offer abroad?

We offer several academic programs abroad (High School, Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D.) in the UK, USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. Fees vary depending on the type, duration of the program, and the chosen institution.

Is university admission guaranteed?

Our academic consultants will help you choose the university that best matches both your goals and academic profile. Our consultant will assist you throughout the application process and help you meet all conditions of your offer letter maximizing your chances of getting a successful university admission.

Do I get a work permit after I graduate?

Depending on the destination you choose, you may be able to obtain a work visa for up to 3 years. You will also be allowed to work during the academic year.

Most popular destinations


Do you find study abroad procedures complicated?

Our Counsellors are here to help you make your international study experience easy and fun.