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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam: 

We  are  pleased  to  invite  you  to  nominate  student  applicants  or  apply  for  graduate  study  in  Urban  Environmental  Management 
programme at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). 

UEM responds to the need to examine urban environment and housing and infrastructure problems from the management and 
planning perspectives to promote sustainable urban development. UEM develops the capabilities and skills to confront deteriorating 
environmental  conditions  that  threaten  urban  productivity,  quality of life of  urban residents and social cohesion of urban 
communities, also under climate change conditions. 

The programme, offering certificate, diploma, master’s and doctoral degrees, will expose students to research, techniques and 
applicable solutions for effective and successful management of urban environment and development.  The programme is composed 
of lectures, study tours and workshops designed to help students advance their career potentials. Our alumni include ministers, 
mayors,  managers,  researchers,  academicians  and  development  NGO  specialists.  UEM  provides  the  opportunity  to  successful 
candidates access to its international networks of professionals, institutes and capacity building activities. Students will benefit from 
the extensive network of UEM and AIT, including an alumni association with over 18,000 members and partnerships with donor 
agencies and in house training centres.  

We are looking for potential students that are internationally oriented, globally diverse with a wealth of experience: 

•  Fresh undergraduates in related academic areas/degrees 
•  Urban professionals with working or researching experience 
•  Middle and senior level policy makers and practitioners 
•  Professionals working for the government, NGOs, private sector organizations,  academic and research institutes  


AIT offers a limited number of tuition scholarships, including but not limited to the King and Queen Scholarships, SIDA, NORAD, 
DAAD, KAAD, ASEAN Foundation, Japanese Scholarships and fellowships to qualified candidates for the master’s and doctoral 
programs in UEM, on the competitive basis, and for those who can show proof of financial need during their study at AIT. 

Submission Deadline: 

The deadline for the August 2012 admission is 15 June 2012. Send inquiries to

Yours sincerely, 
Vilas Nitivattananon, PhD 
Associate Professor and Coordinator 
Urban Environmental Management Field of Study 

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Study abroad|Scholarships Abroad|job abroad|internships abroad